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Partner starbase
Cap: $10 млн

STAR is the utility, rewardable, inflationary(roughly 2.5% p.a.) token of the Starbase platform. By using STAR, you can fund other projects, pay for supporters of your project, or exchange them for goods or services as well through our platform.

Что starbase думает о нас

At 3am (Singapore Time), I received a notification from our founder, Tomoaki-san. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I read the subject matter:

From Vladislav, Swap.Online team: “ We deployed our build with STAR listed, have a look: …”

I was immediately awake and filled with excitement. Wow, this is great news!

With STAR tokens listed, anyone can swap cyptocurrencies for our STAR tokens. It means more accessibility and visibility for the market to buy. This can’t come at a better time as the day we launch our platform draws near!

STAR tokens is what enables the whole Starbase ecosystem. STAR tokens fund and support new ideas that will featured on the Starbase Platform. As a holder of STAR token, you will be given incentives for your contributions. For ideas featured on our platform, there is reward for work achievements!


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Atomic exchange with blockchain and other

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We individually review each project and technical characteristics of the token.

Please contact us to define terms of listing for your project


Our philosophy - truly
decentralized and absolutely anonymous and stable
blockchain intercation.

Latest listings

MakerDAO (TOP20 on coinmarketcap)

TOP20 on coinmarketcap with awesome proudct "DAI stablecoin". 1 DAI = 1 USD

Category: Stablecoin, DAO

Starbase (~$10 mln. on ICO)

Starbase’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to start or support projects which aim to create new services and products.

Category: Platforms

Leverj (LEV)

We are happy to announce that you can now trade LEV on @SwapOnlineTeam

Community size: 4 732

Aeron (ARN)

Each day we are looking for trustworthy tokens to be listed in our #crosschain wallet and add #atomicswap for it.

Community size: 32 000

Knowchain (KN)

We believe, the team that setting a goal of connecting crypto and real worlds deserve a big respect.

Community size: 5 544

Crowdholding (YUP)

You can now trade @crowdholding's YUP on @SwapOnlineTeam

Community size: 2 310

Dentacoin (DCN)

Dentacoin Listed on Swap.Online: Listing Marathon Still Running

Community size: 18 100

Bobcoin (BXB)

We are happy to announce that you can now trade BXB on @SwapOnlineTeam

Community size: 86

Soma (SCT)

SOMA on 2 new exchanges - cryptocurrency

Community size: 5 389

Hubii (HBT)

#hubii are delighted to announce that our token, #HBT, is now listed at Swap Online

Community size: 1 747

Selfkey (KEY)

KEY now available via Atomic Swap on Swap.Online

Community size: 23 900

Aventus (AVT)

Starting today, you can trade #AVT on @SwapOnlineTeam!

Community size: 15 300

Total cap: $220+ mln

Why SWAP is the future

You have a blockchain project? Get listed on - the leading decentralized exchange based on Atomic swap technology


P2P exchange

NO third parties. No one can interfere with the exchange


The service does not require registration of identity


Transaction takes less than 2 minute



Middleman/Third party involvement

Middleman can interfere or stop the transaction


You have to disclose your identity and share personal information


On centralized exchanges, you have to deposit and withdraw the assets which take time


Centralized system can be hacked. Hackers can get access to the keys of all the users

Atomic Swap vs. Centralized Exchange


We have trusted partners from all over the world with the community of more than 100 000 people in total. See what they think about

Already connected


What is the trading volume on your exchange?

We just launched on the mainnet at the beginning of September. The same month we were the first to perform Atomic swaps with USDT and EOS. In October we added Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash and started to integrate ERC20 tokens. Our platform is based on Atomic swap technology which is just gaining popularity among the community. This technology has a big interest as from big trading companies so as from individual traders. Listing on will benefit more to your brand than to our overall liquidity. See which companies already joined cross-chain network and are now listed on Total capitalization is more than $220 M.

How many users do you have?

The first month we launched on the mainnet we had 3000 users, and this number is growing rapidly. Loyalty rate is about 20% which indicates a great interest to the project. We are continuously working on UX to make the platform in the most user-friendly way. Also, we negotiating big partnerships which will bring more traffic to

How are you different from hundreds of other exchanges with a much larger community.

Our project was inspired by the very idea of the blockchain - true decentralization. All the exchanges on our platform are built on blockchain technologies. Developers of the largest blockchains are very responsive to our offer to add them to our cross-chain network.

Does it really work?

Oh YES! Try it now

How long will it take to exchange?

It depends on the blockchain you perform a transaction with. For example for the pair BTC<>ETH it takes less than 40 seconds to receive funds in ETH wallet and up to 3 minutes to receive funds in BTC wallet.

With which currencies I can trade my token?

For the moment you can trade your project with the most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT. EOS will be added soon.
We keep our eyes wide open and if there is high demand for another currency we will definitely add it to our platform.

Can I find you on CoinMarketCap?

We’re on the final step to be added to and other trackers. You’ll be able to find us there in the DEX section soon.

Who is your audience?

Our main advantages are:

- Fast and cheap transactions
- Almost impossible to hack
- No KYC process
- P2P cross-chain transaction

Therefore, we have three main target audiences:

1. Blockchain geeks, early adopters, and trendsetters who have a genuine interest in new technologies and high tech transactions.

2. Projects which are interested in trading their tokens with BTC and USDT. This group is of a special interest to us for the moment. We developed a white label solution for such projects which allows exchanging tokens of the project directly on their website.

3. Large coin holders who are interested in transactions with very big amounts. It is important for them to perform exchanges fast, in a secure way, with no additional commissions, and stay anonymous.

How fast my project can be listed on

Answer: ERC20 tokens can be listed within 24 hours. If your project works on a different blockchain please contact us to define a time frame for listing your project

What should I do to get listing on

We individually review each project and technical characteristics of the token. Please contact us to define terms of listing for your project